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Introduction to phpMyAdmin | What is phpMyAdmin?

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As part of this phpMyAdmin tutorial series, we need an introduction to phpMyAdmin. You may be asking yourself: what is phpMyAdmin and why do I care? What types of databases can you manage with is? The cost of phpMyAdmin. I will cover it all here!

What this article covers?

  • what is phpMyAdmin?
  • the types of databases can phpMyAdmin manage?
  • the cost of phpMyAdmin
  • where to download phpMyAdmin

What is phpMyAdmin? | A brief introduction to phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a fully capable web app, written in php, that will allow you to manage and edit databases easily. It provides a robust interface with loads of options for creating databases and tables, managing database accounts, manually adding data to a database, and so much more!

You can learn all sorts of amazing things about the software from the official website, phpMyAdmin.net.

What can phpMyAdmin do?

phpMyAdmin is a fully features database management tool. It can do so much. Here is a short list of just some of the things the web app can do:

  • create, edit, and delete databases
  • manage user accounts, and all their permissions
  • run custom SQL commands right in the app
  • manually add data to database tables
  • and so much more!

Types of databases you can manage with phpMyAdmin

Even with the amazing robust nature of phpMyAdmin, you can only manage a single type of database. A MySQL database. Sadly, the amazing team of developers of phpMyAdmin have only made it for one style of database. In fact, their company motto is “bringing MySQL to the web”. The slogan says it all.

Learn everything you need to know about working with MySQL databases using PHP code with my other article, database operations with MySQLi.

How much does phpMyAdmin cost?

So you might be wondering, with all this amazing phpMyAdmin goodness being around to manage MySQL databases, it must be pricey. But no. phpMyAdmin is completely free. That’s right. Zero dollars. Free. phpMyAdmin is actually an open source project available on GitHub. Since it’s creation, the MySQL database software has been free and open source.

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Where to download phpMyAdmin?

There are a few different places you can download and start to use phpMyAdmin. The first option is straight from their GitHub repo. But that is no where near the best choice. You should be using phpMyAdmin as part of your web server platform, like XAMPP.

Most web hosting platforms, even the free ones for a localhost web server, include phpMyAdmin on them. If the web host software suite include MySQL you are pretty much guaranteed to have access to phpMyAdmin.

To install your own localhost web server, you should give XAMPP a try. It is also FREE. IF you don’t know, XAMPP is a cross-platform web host suite that will give you a complete web host server for your personal computer. It will install Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, FileZilla, and OpenSSL all in a convenient package. Check it out on their website, ApacheFriends.org.

More about phpMyAdmin

Since this was only an introduction to phpMyAdmin, I can only cover so much about this amazing web app. If you are looking to learn more about phpMyAdmin, you can checkout the official website or some of my other videos and articles.

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