WordPress Pingbacks and Trackbacks: Everything you need to know

If you have been writing articles for a WordPress website, you have no doubt noticed those auto comments that are popping up on your site. Well those “auto comments” are called WordPress pingbacks. These pingbacks can be super useful or kinda annoying. It’s all about how you setup and use these WordPress pingbacks.

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Introduction to phpMyAdmin | What is phpMyAdmin?

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Add a favicon to your Website | best size, best format

Get better website branding when you add a favicon to your website. Display custom favicons when users bookmark or create shortcuts to your website.

Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer for FREE with 4K Video Downloader

Ever want to download a YouTube videos to take them with you? Maybe that favorite music video or how-to guide? There a few useful tools out there, some of being web based and some require installs. One of those being 4K Video Downloader which has a super snazy interface!

Create a Linux Home Media Server with a Brix Computer (Ubuntu Server install)

Create a FREE linux home media server by installing and managing Ubuntu Server. Setup your linux home media server in just a few minutes!