Learn php string functions

Working with strings in PHP is almost as straight forwards as it gets. There are so many functions to manipulate them, that it can take only a few minutes to figure them all out. And yet, they are so powerful and quick to use.

Fix for PHP Fatal Error: Allowed memory size error

The dreaded “PHP Fatal Error: allowed memory size” error, XXXXX bytes exhausted. That pesky php error will cause your website to crash. Sometimes when you are creating new web apps using PHP, you will run into different errors from time to time. This memory limit exhausted error is no different.

WordPress Pingbacks and Trackbacks: Everything you need to know

If you have been writing articles for a WordPress website, you have no doubt noticed those auto comments that are popping up on your site. Well those “auto comments” are called WordPress pingbacks. These pingbacks can be super useful or kinda annoying. It’s all about how you setup and use these WordPress pingbacks.

Create a Custom Contact Form for Website with PHP and HTML

Having a custom contact form for your website these days is critical. Everyone wants to know where they can get in touch with a developer or …

Introduction to phpMyAdmin | What is phpMyAdmin?

As part of this phpMyAdmin tutorial series, we need an introduction to phpMyAdmin. You may be asking yourself: what is phpMyAdmin and why do I care? …

Add a favicon to your Website | best size, best format

Get better website branding when you add a favicon to your website. Display custom favicons when users bookmark or create shortcuts to your website.