Create a website redirect with php headers

Easily create a website redirect using PHP headers. Create a fast 301 redirect using PHP script to send users to a different page.

PHP basics: MySQL Database Tutorial

PHP and databases just go hand in hand. Being able to connect to and interact with databases is so easy and a must with any web site. Luckily PHP provides so many easy and convenient methods of database control.

Make Custom Error Pages for Your Website (using htaccess)

Add some extra bit of flare to your website with custom error pages. 404 errors or 501 errors, customize them all. Maybe even give your users …

Secure VNC Connection Using a SSH Tunnel in Linux

One of the most important aspects to a good server is even better administration tools. Logging in locally is nice and all but not always feasible, so the need for a good and secure remote administration method is necessary. With a few simple tools like VNC server and a little bit of SSH, we are off to the races with a great solution.